Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Unusual New York Artifacts forwarded these two Midhudson articles on one-of-a-kind artifacts found in New York. The first is a metal cup with a 'serpent' and possible letters. The second link is another metal artifact, a medallian or coin, with first assumed 'Chinese' characters but my be a Ni-thir glyph. If any ideas, please post,,,,Jim Leslie

Subj: Ancient Bronze Artifact, Found in Wurtsburg NY

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From Jim Leslie

I can't make the Indian artifact show, but its a good place to get some learned opinions. I too think its a design motif rather than ancient writing as we know it, but there is that curious "19" seen in the closeup. If it were ceramic rather than stone it might be an unfinished Indian ceramic bead?

Bob Draper Response

I'm going to go to MANHATTAN KANSAS INDIAN ARTIFACT SHOW to show it to someone there if you would like to see it up close it would be great. I will try to take more pics but I cant draw. The stone is vary small and the lines are vary vary small and hard to get a good pic . About the same as the lines in a finger print .

Thank you bob draper

What is it

Dear Jim,

Perhaps a few guesses as to WHAT it is instead of "reading" the glyphs would help. The patterning and the obvious small size and it's artistic fine detail siggest it as a piece of statuary or fine pot to this observer. What would therefor appear as writing may be a repititious glyph-like pattern on the object.
Still it appears very ancient and worth intense study. Since it must have been a piece which pebble-like has tumbled in a stream it may be useful to go upstream in the river in which it was found, searching for wash downs of recent years which would uncover larger fragments or other artifacts.
Perhaps the finder would like to make a diligent search of the region or give someone with the time directions to it's exact location to pursue just as an archeologist would search for larger bone fragments. Analysis of the pot's clay source also comes to mind if it is indeed a potsherd.

Jack Lausa

Monday, April 6, 2009

What is this response 1

I messed with the picture and then made a negative and a closeup (below). I think it enhances the details. Please pass it along.

From Russel:
From Wayne May: yes, do it. wayne
Jim Leslie wrote: Hey Wayne, I fwd your email to our eMail Circle. I can also put it on our blog if its' OK with your contact person. Potential world-wide circulation with the blog. Let me know if its ok
From David Grant Stewart, Sr.
Look a bit like Mayan or Olmec hieroglyphs, but not enough resolution to say anything definite.

What is this?

Jim: Can you circulate these photos? Seeking help. Sincerely, Wayne May

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I found this in the Thompson River in north MO. If you can tell me anything about it it would be good .
i found this in the thompson river in north mo. if you can tell me anything about it it would be good .