Monday, December 7, 2009

Key Symbol

From--Steve Shaffer
To--Jim Leslie

Hi Jim,
Find attached a photo of me by what we call the "Key Symbol". Some locals call them "Water Glyph" for reasons beyond me. However, what we have found is this symbols grace the lands of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. They all appear as you see this one except for one site that has two long lines coming of the oblong circle instead of one like the one in the photo. Local Indians have no clue as to who put them there or why. Lichen growth on them vary but most show a significant coverage of lichen suggesting they are very old. Beneath two of these sites were found graves of large people. However they may have no connection.
Can you and your people shed some light on these glyphs? I have been studying them for 10 years but have little to show for it. I'll send more photos if you desire.
Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve, Looking in LaVan Martineau's book "The Rocks Begin to Speak", chart 8 on page 160 gives me some ideas. The nearest match of the "Key" is the glyph whose meaning is "gone", but the circle is solidly pecked. A more likely possiblity is "in front" which is an empty circle ["holding"] with a diameter line. But if you extend this line outside the circle, it would be like your "key" and could point the direction to the grave you mentioned or some other object/site. Two such lines may point to the multiple graves. Just some ideas. You may already considered these and rejected them.


Thanks Jim. All of the glyphs lay flat on stone. The long line trails off the edge. Some Navajo think this means: “Eternity” or “Life Continues”. I have read “The Rocks Begin to Speak” and have found similarities of this sign. Notice too there are two holes inside the circle near the main line. I have set sticks in these at different sites to see if there was some significance as far as “Shadow” signs go but found nothing so far. This photo is one with only one hole in the long line. I’ll send more photos of different designs.

Thanks, Steve PS, yes, go ahead and post the photos.

Thanks Steve,
Thanks for the info on the holes. I had dismiss them as natural. Now I think they are important to the solution. Both appear to be inside the circle. If its more an ellipse both holes [with pegs] would be needed to make an ellipse on the rock
What are the azimuth angles of the lines? I suppose you have considered equinoxes & solstices - one is coming up the 21st. But a inscribed circle is not needed for these, so why the circle?
The area is flat like a small mesa, would be good for astronomical alignment sightings; if not the sun maybe moon phases. Are there any other markings on this rock or other rocks within sight of this one?
More photos might help - I'll put all on our blog & notify the MES eMail circle.

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